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Ensemble Peregrina

'Vox dilecti mei': The earliest settings of the Songs of Solomon, from the 10th-15th centuries. This disc was produced with 'Real Surround Sound' for a live-feel experience.


Ensemble Leones

The discovery in 2015 of a 15th-century parchment chansonnier still in its original binding was made still more startling because it contained twelve previously unknown, anonymous chansons. 

Two Lutes with Grace.jpg

Two Lutes with Grace

 This recording presents for the first time the bulk of a surviving repertoire that can arguably be considered for the lute duo, performed on two equal plectrum lutes or with a combination of lute and gittern—a smaller member of the lute family. 

Gilles Binchois Dufay.jpg

Ensemble Gilles Binchois

The chanson was perhaps the musical form in which Dufay, despite being a man of the Church, best expressed his immense talent. He was seen as an absolute master among his peers, owing to the perfection of his writing and its intense expressiveness, and he enriched the history of music with a masterly oeuvre that went far beyond the stylistic boundaries of the time. 

A storehouse.jpeg

Musicke & Mirth

In his Commonplace Book, the singer, composer and copyist John Baldwin (1560-1615) collected the repertoire he used to play in church, in the theater and at private performances. This surviving collection is a unique and extremely valuable testimony to the rich music-making practice in England.

Mare Balticum II.jpg

Ensemble Peregrina

The series provides an insight into the local literature and musical repertories of medieval Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, and Poland; both Latin and the vernacular are represented, as well as the diversity of historical musical instruments used in those regions at the time.

In Saeculum Viellatoris.jpg

Le Miroir de Musique

Troubadour songs and dances and polyphonic compositions from the thirteenth to the fifteenth centuries illustrate the various stages in the evolution of this instrument, the ancestor of the violin.

Dormi Jesu.jpg

St. John's College, Oxford

A delightful Christmas selection brought to you by The Choir of St.John’s College, Oxford. The Choir was reformed in 1637 by Sir William Perry, the physician to James I, and the present day choir continues the English choral tradition and regularly sings services in Chapel during term.


Salisbury Cathedral Choir

The choristers and lay vicars of Salisbury Cathedral sing the haunting music of the annual  'Darkness into Light' advent service.

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